Instant transformation of still beverage into sparkling - Integrated cooler (0/+5°C) - Capacity up to 40 liters of a still beverage (bag in box) - Double taps dispensing tower (still to still / still into sparkling) - Integrated CO2 cylinder.

capacity n°2 BIB 20L
kind of content 1 Still Beverage + 1 Still Beverage
dispensing 1 Still Beverage + 1 Sparkling beverage
internal compartments 2
taps 2 with Tower
dispensing system Aut.Pump + 2kg CO2 Cylinder
external dimensions (cm) 149x78x78
cooling system Compressor (R134a)
internal temperatures (t.amb=30°C) 0/+5
rated power (W) 328
voltage/frequency (V/hz) 230/50
net weight (kg) 90,5
temperature control Digital Thermostat
electric plug European/Italian
support components Adjust. Feet / Wheels